>>> 5 Eco Documentaries to Help You Fall in LOVE with Saving the Planet

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Hi,  everyone!

I hope you all had a happy heart dayyyyy!!!

Besides loving ourselves, our partners, our children, thy neighbor and so on… today and always — love is in the air this week. I don’t know about you but  Valentine’s day mostly intensifies our gratitude for the things we already have and for the love we spread.

This year it was also a reminder (for us, anyway) to re- fall in love with the passions that flame inside which  influence our green & natural living path.  Watching films of environmental awareness is a great way to  instantly become more aware of the impact we have on this planet. Not only that but you will gain tons of inspiration, ideas, solutions, creativity, motivation and real life perspectives.

There are many, many different independent eco documentaries available for our viewing & knowledge gaining pleasure. Most of them have been fascinating and hopeful, from my  experience.

Eco documentaries usually leave you believing you can do something   – even if it’s ONE offering towards nature. Giving back is the important part and so is,  helping to sustaining ourselves…  + teaching by example will hopefully lead to more and more eco friendly changes AND a much healthier planet.

Relating with those who share the same beliefs, goals & intentions — even if it’s through a television/computer screen; provides soul strengthening, soul rebelling (all in good) and connection with people from all over the place. Sharing certain commonalities with like minded folks; smooths out the concrete and sets a foundation for community … & belief, there’s room for more of us — in fact, tons and tons more to join in and contribute towards healing our planet and lives. It takes a village right?

Homemade popcorn, anyone?

Watching an eco friendly ‘movie’ is worth every minute of all the fascinating details.

If you’re looking for some eco inspiration… a little something to get you thinking and wanting to start greening up your ways – then I highly recommend watching an earth friendly production with your favorite greenie…

Not sure where to start?

If you have a Netflix account – the following ‘ eco doc’s ‘are available on ‘instant’ play, except one (*). Be sure to check your local library or look into viewing dates/schedule at an independent theater near you!


Queen of the Sun

Queen of the Sun is filled with wonderful inspiration for future beekeepers & those thinking about beekeeping as a hobby. I loved learning  from all the different beekeepers abroad – there was so much compassion and willingness for the bees!! I especially loved the family in New Zealand + French beekeeper.

180 Degrees South

adventurous, outdoorsy,  tale following old hippies, and new generation hikers — will leave you feeling like you can climb any mountain, sail the seven seas & travel to magical places …Patagonia & Easter Island to name a few !!!!

Fixing Our Future

A short eco film that leaves you wanting to link up with your community & reap all the benefits … I love, love, love the idea of co-op’s and such!  It definitely explores great community ideas for the future — while discussing many ways to survive and prosper in this economy.

I LOVE the Yo Mama’s, plan!


Plastic water bottles are way out… find out why drinking tapped water might be just as good as bottled water – and which one gets tested more.

Hint – Hint!

Invest in a reusable water bottle and awesome filtration system.

*The Cove

Save the dolphins… ‘nuf said! This was fabulous – eye opening – documentary!!

& to think I was part of this mess… YES- before my green ways – I swam with the dolphins while in Jamaica, for our honeymoon…believe the feeling was insane & incredible- it was all questionable and I felt it right down to the core while we were swimming in ‘the cove’ with them. Such eco guilt after I watched this one – I still want to burn the evidence ( a DVD came with package ). *dodging tomatoes* haha!


If you’re anything like me, once you watch one … you’ll want to watch ‘em all – and do what you can to help !!!

Would you like to help spread awareness ??

Consider hosting a film screening for your neighbors, group, locals … etc!

Have you viewed any eco documentaries, recently?

How about any of the five mentioned –which ones?

What was your take?

Tell us in the comments below!

EnJOY & much love!


Rainy DAYS and Monday’s …. !!

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Hello, hello, hello!

It’s me, again.

 I wanted to share some glimpses mostly from over the weekend and a few from last week…

 Our local farmer’s market actually had organic strawberries… they weren’t overly sweet but tasted just like a strawb should.  Already? I know … they’re grown in California, at least.

:: I still can’t get over this ::

For weeks,  I’ve been Oooo & Ahhhing over purchasing a Nikki McClure calendar -

I had the 2011 but missed the chance to get one from the local coffee shop, this year (bought one there last yr).

My cart had 2 items in it – the calendar and the this book. The very same night I had intentions of going through with the purchase…

I found the above book ‘To Market, To Market’ in the “new picture books” section in the children’s section of library.

I was super stoked and could not believe our library had it.

I LOVE it when things work out like that —> strange coincidence?

I think not.

Are you a Nikki McClure fan?

The boys and I went on a “nature walk” last week and this it what they collected:

-itchy bombs, pine cones, pine needles, acorns, rocks, leaves, flowers… etc!

<3 nature and gettin’ outdoors!

The reason I went to the library: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day had come in after special requesting it!!!

A happy baker mama, I am… check your library – I highly recommend the book and technique.

T & C love their hens… Clark is holdin’ Dixie!

Were planning to add a few more chicks to our homestead come Spring!

 Urban Pioneer Explorers meetup!

The Mr. and I have been enjoyin’ some fire time lately on cool evenings after the boys have gone to bed or on our date night.

Something about fire = soothing to the soul.

We called this our gratitude fire… it took awhile to light up without the use of toxic chemicals.

soooooo warm & cozy.

We’ve had the old washer ring since I was a kid – my dad was going to get rid of it one day and I told him I wanted to keep it.

I can remember using the ring on many camping trips.

Maybe, someday, T or C will use it with their wee ones…gotta LOVE it!


The local coffee shop we go to has a basket of toys with these animals in it. Whenever we visit the boys always get it and play with the animals. This particular day, the animals were “playing train”!

Too cute!

Climbed to the top of Mt. Laundry and back down again; over the weekend.

My fave workout these days… haha…NOT!!!

– tackled a good amount;  I feel somewhat caught up now.

I should of taken a picture of the white sock mound… poor hubby got stuck foldin’ those.

juiced the majority of our lemons  – some for lemon aide, and  jarred 4 cups of juice in freezer.

Makin’ a mess with flour … let the bread bakin’ frenzy begin… !!!


Rehydrating the Scoby — it’s going to be a few weeks before our first batch.

Don’t miss out on the ‘hippie tea’  deets.


A sneak peek in the fridge- 5 minute bread dough, leeks, beautiful purple cabbage, lemon aide & Misson St. brew!

First homemade loaf of ‘artisan’ style bread using the recipe from the book (pictured above) .

O. M. GEEEeee!

SO  freakin’ delicious & highlight of today -

nothin’ like freshly baked bread with our harvested honey on top …

nom, nom, nom!!

Oh! & I still haven’t mopped the floors nor have I purchased the Nikki McClure calendar yet…

first world problems? I think so. ;)

What have you been up to?

Did you catch today’s Meatless Monday,  post??

Tah-tah for now!!

peace & love





Part 1 of 2: Buzz’n With Delight, A Feral Bee Rescue!!

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Hi there, nature lovers!!


Yesterday, at approx. 7:45 AM, we received a “swarmbustin” call… it was time to rescue some bees!!!

Little did we know this was going to be part of our world so SOON.

& thankfully the mister was home to make this ALL happen.

Without him we’d be – well,  BEE — less! lol!

The universe definitely works in mysterious ways

the night before the phone call, I was looking into purchasing bees, made a note on my organizer about it

and pretty much gave up on the wishful thought of capturing a feral swarm.

The season for bee swarms is here but ordering them should also be done in advance. Read more

the {upcycled & recycled} NWF’s Children’s Magazine: Wild Animal Baby

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Hi there, dollfaces!

Happy Friday, to you!!

Today, I’m  recycling a post *again*

… please forgive me for the lack of time here but things have been are little crazy.

I hope to elaborate soon.

AND… I’m going to get back on track with RYD’s tidbits of green SOON… don’t you worry, my little pretties!! <insert evil snicker>

One of the gifts my son received for his 2nd birthday was a subscription to Wild Animal Baby published by the National Wildlife Federation. The magazine is printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper. Wild Animal Baby is a children’s magazine for the age range 12 months to 4 yrs.

Wild Animal Baby is a wonderful way to get your toddler interested in reading at an early age. The magazine also encourages children to get outdoors and appreciate nature. My son loves to get the mail and often asks to check the mailbox for his monthly copy of Wild Animal Baby.

Wild Animal Baby is just the right size for toddler hands. The pictures are bright and engaging and it is filled with several interactive activities for your child. Including I spy, letter/color/shape recognition, songs with illustration motions, captivating stories, child participation and much more.

My son loves to look for Sammy Skunk! I enjoy reading Wild Animal Baby to him because it is  educational and entertaining. We burn up some good time going through the pages and doing the activities.

NWF’s mission is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.

It is my hope that my son will be inspired by our wonderful collection Wild Animal Baby magazines. I know, as a kid, I was inspired after reading a monthly issue of Ranger Rick! When your child has outgrown Wild Animal Baby he or she can explore Your Big Backyard another NWF publication for kids. It doesn’t hurt to expose your children to resources that believe in protecting wildlife and learn to appreciate what mother nature has given us.

** Update! 10/15/2010

Since going cable free, we often rent DVD’s from the library. One day while visiting. I checked the kids section and to my excitement found the entire collection of Wild Animal Baby on DVD. Both Clark and Tristan (18 mos. & 3 yrs.) love the series. I was told by an NWF representative on twitter; Wild Animal Baby will soon be on the KCET channel. I want to say it was Spring of 2011. The series is very animated and has great sing along music. It’s also very interactive and keeps both boys entertained.

Get 10 issue for$19.95! It makes a great Christmas gift idea and becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

Check out NWF’s site and sign up for free activities, crafts and family tips.

* This is personal opinion and in no way shape or form and I receiving any compensation for this post. ;)

Great American Backyard Campout

Saturday, June 26th,  is the Great American Campout!

Celebrate with your tots and get outdoors this weekend.

Get out a tent and flashlights & let your creative and imaginative side be your guide.

Let’s celebrate nature together…

” thousands of people across the nation will gather in their backyards, neighborhoods, communities and parks to take part in a one-night event that will provide an experience for all generations to connect with nature. You can join the Great American Backyard Campout whether you are an experienced camper or first-time campers. We have all you will need to get you ready to camp at your fingertips…”

Here are a few ideas:

- Go on a scavenger hunt for natures finest items: rocks, leaves, twigs etc.

- Play Tree Bark Match

- Don’t have a tent…  create one using just a few fallen/cut branches.

- Roast marshmallows over the BBQ or if you have a fire pit… use it! Gotta have S’mores.

and the way we’ve always done it…

graham cracker + nutella + marshmallow creme.= SINFUL YUM!I

If you have time make homemade grahamn crackers & nutella…

do so!

& for the really ambitious you could do it all from scratch and make the marsh-y’s too!

(I know, I know! It’s a crazy thought to some… :)

Whatever the case may be either homemade or store bought; it will surely put a smile to everyone’s face.

graham crackers + nutella + marshy’s = CAMPOUT, BLISS!!!! ;P

- Make magic potions

- Create a homemade sun jar.

- Play outdoor nostalgic games like Simon Says, Red, Light Green Light, Red Rover, Kick the Can, Steal the Bacon, Hopscotch, Freeze Tag

- & need more ideas here are 10 Tricks to Get Kids Outdoors!!!!

don’t forget to stargaze & howl at moon, come light’s out!

Do you have any plans to take your kids camping  this summer?

We’re planning our yearly trip to Yosemite for next month…excited!

What are your favorite outdoor activities to do with your tots??

Hope you have a GREAT weekend, whatever your adventures may be!

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