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It’s Friday ….hip, hip, hooray!

How about a little Friday crafty, upcycled & recycled summer F-U-N…

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re-nest: A Great Way To Reuse A Toilet Paper Roll

& check out Inhabitot’s 2010 Spring Greening Contest winners!

Have a marvy weekend, friends!

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs!

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Natural Egg Dyeing Method

This was not the first time, I dipped my feet (or eggs) in the natural realm of egg dyeing with veggie, fruits, and spices as a base.  I was only experimenting ,so, we didn’t go crazy with colors. and used what we had on hand in our kitchen – the eggs from our chicks, of course and misc items. We also didn’t want to spend a ton any money out of pocket for this project.

The eco tot  (my oldest, Tristan) had the opportunity to dye eggs with his grandparents on Saturday using food coloring and vinegar as a base. I’d forgotten about that method until my mother in law mentioned it. Not a non toxic option but something more likely to be in your pantry then having to buy new dye packs. A win-win!

I wasn’t going to bother dyeing any more eggs until I realized we had a half of a red leaf cabbage heads about to spoil, so, I figured I’d give the natural dyeing a whirl … I then began to think up how I could create other colors.

I’m quite proud of my reducing efforts during the eco egg dyeing task… I recycled the boiled egg water and onion skins I peeled off from an onion earlier: H2O on the plants and onion peels to worms. Then, I remembered; I used red wine to color our brown eggs the first year, so, I quickly reached for a bottle of red wine sitting in our cupboard and reopened it.


All twelve of the eggs, stayed  in their eco dye baths overnight.  The result of each natural dye turned out mildly bright in color. Turns out the red wine is my favorite way to dye eggs!!!

Okay, really… not for drinking… but for dyeing… yes….MOVE over glitter packs because red wine makes eggs sparkle and shine like diamonds. FOR REAL!!!

picture does not do the red wine dyed eggs any justice!

they sparkle, like crazy!!

Red wine did not affect the taste of our deviled eggs (which I meant to photograph) either. They were yummy. Seriously, though, it’s another great decorative and fun way to dye eggs.

The effect of these eggys would make a great centerpiece, like their counterpart, silk dyed eggs.

Easter basket filled with food coloring dyed, natural, and silk dyed eggs!

Eco Dye Lineup

cumin: yellow

red leaf cabbage: blue

yellow onion: yellowish to light brown

red wine (Xplorador Cab Sauv. Merlot from Costco): maroon to mauve with glitter sparkles!!!!! (the sulfates)

to get a list of more colors, a how to & ideas you can go here & here!

My decision to do this was last minute so I didn’t really have a method to my madness with the colors which is why I only did 2 red wine eggs. We HAD six blue eggs but a certain doggy I know ate two of them. Which totals four since we started our adventures. Silly dog! Oh, and we ended up with dots on the blue eggs because I left a few cabbage leaves in the pot. Pretty cool, huh?!

All and all, eco egg dyeing (cold method) is as simple as the ever popular store bought packages. Your little ones may not get instant gratification but you’ll be saving them from any toxic crud. Make sure you have other activities planned to keep the little ones entertained while you wait, should you do this in the earlier part of the day. I’m really intrigued by the natural egg dyeing processes and hope to try out more colors in years to come.  I also think it would be fun to dye them using a non toxic food coloring like this one.

bunny pose!

that Easter Bunny sure does get a lot of credit…  ;)

Eco Egg Dyeing, au naturale :: Part 2 ::

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Hi there!

I planned a silk dyeing fest with my sister and her kids today but since we (the boys, hubster and I) came down with a stomach bug…

my sister and I decided against it. BOO!

For “eco tot” purposes I mustered up the energy to get in the spirit, anyway and make the best of our sick day!

At first, Tristan (the eco tot)  was unsure how the eggs would get colored  and wasn’t very motivated about the process… but after pulling my hair out an insane amount of patience wrapping up all the eggs and placing a twisty tie around them; he became eager about what his eggs would look like.

View method for silk dyeing eggs, here….

After we wrapped up the eggs with the silk and old white t-shirts we cut up, we placed them into a pot of boiling water to do their silk dyeing thing. After a couple of hours, we unwrapped them – The Eco Tot could not believe his eyes and had the biggest smile on his face.

The long process was totally worth the awe factor. I must say, it is an easy project, but honestly, I ‘m not sure you’d want to eat the eggs, though!!! **don’t eat the eggs ;)

Doing this project made me realize silk dyeing may or may not be eco friendly depending on the dye used to color the silk. I guess your best bet would be and organic silk scarf that was dyed with vegetable based inks. Even then, I’m not even sure how that process would work out.

In any case, this is a wonderful alternative to the classic egg dyeing process (PAAS kits)… it’s easy, non staining and the finished product is pretty groovy lookin’. They’re really  pretty and stunning. I think they would be a perfect decoration or center piece at your Easter table.

Tomorrow or Friday were planning to do try a  natural method for our egg hunt on Sunday and because we’re strictly using veggies and fruits for the dye … we will get to eat them!

What are your Easter egg dyeing traditions?

the {upcycled & recycled} tips: Easter Egg Dyeing, au naturale! Part One :: No Mess!

* Editors note: Part 2 & 3 links are at the bottom of this post!


Happy weekend to you!

Can you believe Easter is just a couple weeks away?!  Wow! Hard to believe it’s the end of March. What the heck happened to the first three months of the year? I’m ALSO in disbelief my “Baby C” is going to be ONE.  Holy moly, a true toddler in 2 wks. *sniff- sniff*


As a child, I can remember looking forward to Easter,just for the egg dyeing process and of course, the family egg hunt. We always used the traditional boxes of egg dye from the grocery store as I’m sure most did. Due to the birth of Baby C, last year;  we were unable  to do anything fancy with our eggs. We wanted to do the natural method but we ran out of time. Instead my mother in law happened to pick up an organic egg dye pack from the health food store and we called it good. It was better than the toxic kits nothing.

This year, I’m hoping to plan ahead and try out a new (to me) natural method. Most commercial kits contain chemicals, artificial ingredients and have petroleum based products  (crayon) which aren’t earth friendly and are usually labeled non-toxic; so beware.

For this weeks, edition, of the {upcycled & recycled}; I came across another way of having fun with eggs for Easter…

Silk dyed!

Thank you, Martha Stewart’s site!!  I happened to be browsing for craft/sewing ideas for the boys birthday parties and found this gem…

the video on how to do it — you’ve gotta see it!


I can’t wait to find a few silk ties or blouses from garage sales or thrift stores for this project. No finger staining  whatsoever. Doesn’t that sound enticing? ! But, then again a little nostalgia without the chemicals does too!

Now, check it out; if you don’t have any old silk scarves/blouses lying around

or don’t have time to go thriftin’ -to yard sales …

a silk dye kit is available through …drumroll, please… ETSY!

My favorite place to  find {upcycled & recycled} goods.

The silk dye kits are recycled & reusable. Did I say, how much I love this idea, already?!?!

I LOVE this idea!!!

think about it for next year … would also make a great Spring craft.

AND if you’re interested in natural egg dye kits…

check out one of my fave companies eco-kids

who now has an all natural plant, fruit and veggie based dyeing kit!

Jupiter’s Child also has an all natural kit with a twist!

Pretty eco rad, if you ask me.

P.S. this is Part 1 of Eco Egg Dyeing, au naturale… stay tuned for my personal experience!

PART 2 – Silk dyed!

PART 3 – Naturally Dyed!

Have you silk dyed eggs before?  Please share!

Have a great weekend!  :)