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Recycle Your Day is a website founded on the ideas of creating a simple and  ”green” lifestyle while incorporating natural and healthy living tips. I started this blog to share my journey as a mother who does her best to live naturally all while helping to save the planet. You can call me a hippie, crunchy, granola, eco, natural mama if you like; because that’s me ( aka La Mama Naturale on twitter)!  I’m a mother of two beautiful boys and a wifey to a wonderful husband who lets me do my bloggy thang’ & stay at home. I’m also planning to homeschool or “unschool” and share my adventures on the blog when we begin (Sept 2011). My oldest “the eco tot” was born on Earth Day; by default, so, a lot of my drive comes from that fact alone. This blog focuses on ways to be more eco conscience and provides helpful tips to save the environment and keep toxins out of our system. + lot’s of yummy healthy recipes featured on {“Meatless Monday’s}. We’re just doing our best to raise our boys in an au’ naturale’ (going back to basics and giving back to nature) setting and taking YOU along with us.

Our sustainable journey has only begun and we’ve learned so much too; which is mainly why the blog started. For us, it’s all about awareness and making informed choices.


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“Going green” doesn’t  happen overnight. Start out by taking baby steps and learning ways to reduce your impact first. Doing so, will help keep you motivated and revved about your “eco” journey. Don’t overwhelm yourself with guilt. We all eco sin, I promise. Even the greatest of greenies! So, smile and just be happy knowing every step counts; big or small. Each one adds up and WILL make a difference together. We’re all different shades of green but with the same goal in mind- SAVING OUR PLANET.

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